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The young jesus is raised on an island with his entire life dictated and televised and viewed by nearly the entire world.

Faced with these stresses the young Jesus ultimately becomes a rebellious punk rocker.

The dialogue among poets hanging out at CBGB and punk rock pioneers reading at the Poetry Project in early-seventies NYC is where so many of us in the sonic-lit lineage enter, charmed into the future.

This ice breaker allows you to introduce yourself to thousands of our members and see just what response you get, and what kind of welcome to expect as a fully paid up member.Religious zealots either love or hate the show and politicians begin to fret over potential influences on the nation.The scientific community fears the implications of the cloning itself.When were we ever so free to incubate our wild desires in language and sound? "I Just Got Different Theories": Patti Smith and the New York School of Poetry6. Eileen Myles and the International Fuck Frank O'Hara Movement8. Current and next generations of artists, rockers, scholars, and fans will love this book.

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During the late 1960s, throughout the 1970s, and into the 1980s, New York City poets and musicians played together, published each other, and inspired one another to create groundbreaking art. ", Daniel Kane reads deeply across poetry and punk music to capture this compelling exchange and its challenge to the status of the visionary artist, the cultural capital of poetry, and the lines dividing sung lyric from page-bound poem.